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PPF Telecom Group's sustainability strategy

PPF Telecom Group’s mission is to provide as many people as possible with access to high-quality, affordable connectivity and digital solutions so they can live increasingly productive, healthier and safer lives. Through sustainable business practices, we are also protecting the environment.

The Group’s sustainability strategy is paired with integration of the success principles into its business plan. Our efforts and resources are focused where we believe they make the biggest difference.

Accelerating technology for a sustainable future

We will help to build the digital economy by providing inclusive and safe connectivity.

We focus on:

  • Tackling the digital divide by providing reliable connection to all
  • Promoting digital education and awareness
  • Developing smart solutions that benefit people, the environment, and minimise harm
  • Safeguarding cyber security, digital, and personal data

Reducing our environmental footprint

We will maintain a healthy environment and mitigate damage to nature for current and future generations.

We focus on:

  • Reducing absolute emissions and emissions intensity
  • Reducing the waste generated by our operations and supporting the circular economy through eco-design, refurbishment, and reuse of electronic equipment

Putting people at the centre of our business

We will safeguard health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and communities we operate, while ensuring dignity and equality for all communities where we operate.

We focus on:

  • Creating future leaders and encouraging women career progression at PPF Telecom Group
  • Understanding our employees and customers
  • Preventing injuries in the workplace
  • Being an integral part of communities

Acting with transparency and integrity

We will ensure that our business operates ethically, lawfully and with integrity wherever we operate.

We focus on:

  • Promoting ESG and sustainability as an integral part of our strategy 
  • Sourcing responsibly and sustainably 
Digital Scouts is a programme that lets children learn while playing on a mobile application. The game engages children in a 24-hour quest to navigate situations that teach them to recognise and avoid dangers online. The quest tests digital skills and knowledge on topics such as online bullying, password security, identity theft, phishing and malware. Kids also get tips about sharing information on social media and spotting online predators. Digital Scouts has reached 56,000 children so far.
Irina Panayotova, Corporate Communications Expert, Yettel Bulgaria
CETIN is upgrading much of its network footprint, but some areas still have minimal coverage. At CETIN, we are delivering fibre connectivity to eliminate the digital divide between rural and urban districts. EU funding supports fibre networks that would not be possible to deploy in these areas in usual commercial terms. The goals of the Digital Decade are just around the corner, but we can already deliver a major part of the EU’s connectivity targets and are underway with our deployment plans.
Jakub Kopecký, Project manager for subsidised network deployment, CETIN Czechia
Our recycling campaign in Serbia has been a success. Customers brought in 250,000 unused mobile phones, and we have extended the campaign to other telco devices. We are on track to recycling 1 million devices by 2025. Our company is not new to recycling. Last year, we recycled 11 tonnes of electronics, 3 tonnes of paper, and 300 kilograms of plastic. We have also pushed the use of e-bills, and the majority of our customers use this service.
Marijan Djukić, Environmental and Health & Safety Expert, Yettel Serbia
O2 Fair Foundation is attempting to direct new generations to raise their media literacy and distinguish hoaxes and conspiracy from real news. Our initiatives seek modern, creative and digital approaches in the teaching process to support change from students, parents and teachers and the use of technology to break down stereotypes and barriers. This work addresses the values O2 identifies with – freedom, democracy, justice, transparency, equal opportunity, and respect for human rights.
Natália Tomeková, Member of the Board of Directors, The Fair Foundation, O2 Slovakia
ESG is not only about obligations, it’s about innovating business, producing new business models and benefitting from cost savings. Last year, we launched new SIMs made with less plastic, introduced the new O2 Smart Box in an environmentally friendly package, and started overhauling the mobile network with energy efficient 5G transmitters. Our paperless company project is also eliminating paper from all our work, and a major campaign is encouraging customers to use the Moje O2 self-service app.
Hany Farghali, Director, Corporate Communication, CSR & Sponsoring, O2 Czech Republic
ESG cover 2022

Sustainability report

As we grow and evolve as a business, so does our focus on sustainability. We believe it is important to be transparent and to share with you how we work together as a Group to build a sustainable future for our company, employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate.
Our sustainability report provides further details on information concerning our business strategy, operations, and commitments. 


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Supplier Code of Conduct

PPF Telecom Group acknowledges its responsibility to establish, promote and maintain high standards of social and environmental sustainability and business ethics throughout its value chain. We build long-term partnerships with suppliers that align with our values of highest ethical behavior, human rights protection, safe working conditions or environmental responsibility, and are committed to continuously improving their sustainability performance. Our expectations towards our suppliers are set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct, available for download below.