Group structure

As at 8 September 2021
This structure is simplified and comprises the most important
companies of PPF Telecom Group.

  1. Formerly known as PPF Infrastructure B.V.
  2. 25% of the holding company TMT Hungary B.V. sold to Antenna Hungária.
  3. Share of PPF Telecom Group as of 8 September 2021; 9.48% free float; squeeze-out intention announced
  • PPF Telecom Group B.V. is fully owned by PPF Group N.V., through intermediary companies
  • PPF Telecom Group B.V. serves as the holding company for the telecommunications business within PPF Group
  • CETIN Group N.V. consolidates most of the telecommunication infrastructure assets of PPF Telecom Group and serves as the primary financing company for PPF Telecom Group
  • The operating companies are owned through holding or financing companies