Group structure

As at 1 July 2020
Further internal restructuring is under consideration.
This structure is simplified and comprises the most important
companies of PPF Telecom Group.

  1. Share of voting rights as of 31 December 2019; 15.74% held by other PPF Group companies; 16.42% free float
  2. The remaining 10.27% held by other PPF Group companies
  3. 25% of the holding company TMT Hungary B.V. sold to Antenna Hungária.
  4. Formerly known as PPF Infrastructure B.V.
  • Further internal restructuring is under consideration, aiming to consolidate CETIN Hungary B.V., CETIN Bulgaria EAD and CETIN d.o.o., Belgrade under CETIN Group B.V., alongside CETIN a.s.
  • PPF Telecom Group B.V. is fully owned by PPF Group N.V., through intermediary companies.
  • PPF Telecom Group B.V. serves as the holding and the primary financing company for the telecommunications business within PPF Group.
  • The operating companies are owned through holding or financing companies.
  • O2 Czech Republic a.s. together with its subsidiaries, including O2 Slovakia s.r.o. are not directly managed by PPF Telecom Group. These companies are treated as a financial investment, with commercial and financial policies independent of PPF Telecom Group.