Corporate governance

Group governance

PPF Telecom Group is committed to high standards of corporate governance.

PPF Telecom Group has a two-tier management structure consisting of its management board (the Management Board). The Management Board represents PPF Telecom Group in all matters and is charged with its day-to-day business management. PPF Telecom Group has no administrative, management or supervisory body other than the Management Board despite being established as two-tier under Dutch law as all members of the Management Board are executive.

Management Board

The Management Board is the statutory body of PPF Telecom Group, which directs its operations and acts on its behalf. The general meeting of PPF Telecom Group (the General Meeting) elects the members of the Management Board for a term of office determined by the General Meeting in its sole discretion. Re-election of the members of the Management Board is permitted. Pursuant to the Articles of Association (statuten) (the Articles of Association) of PPF Telecom Group, the Management Board has at least one member. All three members of the Management Board are executive. All members of the Management Board are obliged to perform their tasks and duties further to the office in the best corporate interest of PPF Telecom Group and the undertaking attached to it, as required under Dutch law. Pursuant to the Articles of Association, the members of the Management Board are authorised to solely and independently represent PPF Telecom Group.

Senior Management

Senior management of PPF Telecom Group (the Senior Management) consists of PPF Telecom Group’s chief executive officer, chief technology officer, chief commercial officer and the chief executive officers of the main operating subsidiaries. Members of the Senior Management are employees or management members of the respective PPF Group affiliates, including the PPF Telecom Group’s operating subsidiaries.

Major shareholders

PPF Group N.V.

PPF Group invests in multiple market segments such as banking and financial services, media, insurance, real estate, energy, metal mining, agriculture, retail and biotechnology. PPF’s reach spans from Central and Eastern Europe to Russia and across Asia. PPF Group has assets of EUR 40 billion (as at 31. 12. 2021).

PPF Group N.V. shareholders are:
Petr Kellner family: 98.93% (subject to ongoing inheritance proceedings)
Mr Ladislav Bartonicek: 0.535%
Mr Jean-Pascal Duvieusart: 0.535%

Registered office: Strawinskylaan 933, 1077 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands; incorporated in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Amsterdam under registration number 33264887