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About us

With 18 million mobile subscribers, 1.1m fixed broadband customers, consolidated EBITDA of EUR 1.6bn and 12.7 thousand employees, PPF Telecom Group is a mid-sized operator within the CEE region.

The Group is active in five markets - Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia, providing mobile, fixed-line, data and internet television services to end users, and telco infrastructure services to telecom operators. 


Scale and geographic diversification helps to protect profitability in case of adverse local trends.


Transfer of best practice between the operating companies drives operational efficiencies.

investments in innovation

Investments in innovation and technology are applied across the CEE markets, driving high quality services and economies of scale.

strategically positioned

The group is strategically positioned in the region, successfully competing with major European operators.

separated infrastructure

Separated infrastructure from retail enabling the businesses to wholly focus on their market segments and meet the increasing market demands.

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in EUR millions 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Revenues 3,506 3,336 3,159 3,170 3,165
EBITDA 1,617 1,569 1,425 1,397 1,220
EBITDA margin 49% 47% 45% 44% 39%
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market leading businesses

Market leading businesses with strong brand recognition and high quality networks

stable markets

Stable markets with positive trends supporting growth

diversified cash flows

Diversified, strong and stable cash flow generation

structurally separated

Structurally separated services to end users and wholesale network infrastructure services.

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