Senior management

Executive management

Ladislav Bartoníček

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bartoníček has been the Group’s chief executive officer since January 2018. He joined the PPF Group in 1991 as an executive director and has been responsible for the telecommunications business of the PPF Group since 2018. Between 2014 and 2018, he served as chief executive officer of SOTIO a.s., PPF Group’s biotechnology company. In March 2018, he was elected to the supervisory board of SOTIO a.s. Between 2014 and June 2015, he was, and again since October 2016 has been, member of the supervisory board of O2 Czech Republic and in 2018 was appointed its chairman. Prior to that, between 2007 and 2013, Mr. Bartoníček was chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Generali PPF Holding N.V., one of the largest insurance groups in the CEE established as a joint venture of the PPF Group and Assicurazioni Generali, and between 1996 and 2006 chief executive officer of the insurance company Česká pojišťovna a.s. Mr. Bartoníček holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague and an MBA degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.


Marek Sláčík

Executive Director CEE
Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Sláčík has been the Group's executive director for companies in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro since April 2021. He has also served as the Group’s chief commercial officer since July 2018. He joined the PPF Group in 2018. Prior to joining the PPF Group, Mr. Sláčík held the position of chief commercial officer at Beeline Russia, part of VEON, one of the largest integrated telecommunication operators in the world, and worked for seven years in various executive management roles such as chief executive officer of Telenor Denmark, chief marketing office of Telenor Sweden and Telenor Serbia at the Telenor Group. Before that, he held marketing and management positions at various telecommunication operators including O2 Czech Republic or Vodafone Czech Republic. Mr. Sláčík holds a master's degree in business administration and marketing from the University of Economics in Prague and completed the Stanford Executive Programme at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.


Roman Staněk

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Staněk has been the Group´s chief technology officer since February 2020. He joined the PPF Group in 2018 as the Head of Telco procurement. Mr. Staněk has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to joining the PPF Group, he held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Veon Eurasia region, overseeing technology in 7 operational companies. Before that, he worked in various positions at headquarters of Telenor, Veon and Vodafone. 
Mr. Staněk also has a significant international experience. He worked for many years in different managerial roles in the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Germany, Bangladesh and India. Mr. Staněk holds a degree in engineering and a specialisation in telecommunications from the Czech Technical University in Prague. 


Country management

Martin Škop

Chief Executive Officer of
CETIN Czechia

Mr. Škop has been the chief executive officer of CETIN Czechia since September 2020. He has an extensive international experience and over 25 years in telecommunications and IT management.
Since 1994, he has held various managerial positions at mobile operator Eurotel and in 2000 joined Czech Telecom as the Executive Director for Network Development and Planning. Between 2005 and 2015 he lead ICT and infrastructure development in Telefónica Czech Republic, acted as the Chief Technology Officer for Slovakia and in 2013 joined Telefónica Germany as the Chief Technology Officer.
Since January 2015, Martin Škop served as the Chief Technology and Information Officer of Beeline Russia (VEON). Since 2017 he held the position of Chairman of the Board of the Russian infrastructure company NTC.
Mr. Škop holds a master’s degree in telecommunications from the Czech Technical University in Prague.


Peter Gažík

Chief Executive Officer of
Telenor Hungary

Mr. Gažík has been the chief executive officer of Telenor Hungary since January 2021. 
Prior to his appointment he served from June 2015 as CEO of O2 Slovakia, the fastest-growing mobile operator in the Slovak market and member of PPF Telecom Group. 
Between 2011 and 2014 he worked for O2 as the Public Affairs Director.
In 2014-2015 he worked with O2 as consultant for regulatory affairs, responsible for relations with the government institutions. During this period he was also working with startups and innovative projects as Business Development and Innovations Director at Neulogy.
Mr. Gažík studied linguistics and political science at the Comenius University in Bratislava as well as at the London School of Economics.


Jason King

Chief Executive Officer of
Telenor Bulgaria

Mr. King has been the chief executive officer of Telenor Bulgaria since September 2018. Prior to joining Telenor Bulgaria, Mr. King spent 20
years in various senior management roles at major technology, media and telecommunications companies, including  commercial director at VEON, chief marketing officer at UPC Czech Republic, formerly part of UPC Liberty Global, and chief marketing officer at Deutsche Telekom. Mr. King holds a master's degree in international marketing from University of Strathclyde and completed a private equity programme at the Said Business School, University of Oxford, and an executive leadership programme at IMD Business School.


Mike Michel

Chief Executive Officer of
Telenor Serbia

Mr. Michel has been the chief executive officer of Telenor Serbia since October 2018. Prior to joining Telenor Serbia, Mr. Michel was the chief marketing officer of mobile operator Banglalink, Bangladesh. In his previous roles, he also served as chief marketing officer in Telenor Hungary, chief marketing officer in Telenor Montenegro and vice president for brand in the Telenor Group in Norway. Before that, he spent eight years in various managerial positions at Telenor Serbia and Vodafone Czech Republic (Oskar Mobil). Mr. Michel holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada.


Branko Mitrovic

Chief Executive Officer of
Telenor Montenegro

Mr. Mitrovic has been the chief executive officer of Telenor Montenegro since July 2019. 
He has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Telenor Montenegro, and during the previous four years he has served as Executive Director of Corporate Affairs in Telenor Serbia. He started his career at Mobtel in 1998, and held several management positions in the finance and corporate sector in Telenor Serbia. From 2011, he served as Wholesale Director, and from 2014 to 2016, he ran a Telenor company in Montenegro, MNNews.
He completed his Bachelor and Master studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, and earned his master’s degree in business administration at Cotrugli Business School.


O2 Group

O2 Czech Republic
O2 Slovakia

O2 Czech Republic and O2 Slovakia have their own management, business and financial strategies and policies.